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Oz Lolita

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Australian and New Zealand Elegant Gothic Lolita
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<3 A Place for Lolitas from Australia and NZ <3
We have cute banners to help promote us! Click on this one to see more choices!

Head Moderator:


* nz_lolita - Offical New Zealand EGL Community.
* aus_goth_sales - A great place for non-EGL sales posts.

If you have any Questions about Lolita please check our Memories Page!

The Rules of this Community are as follows:

1. This community is set up primarily for the discussion of all things Elegant Gothic Lolita FASHION including:

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat fashion
Neo J Goth fashion
Kodona/Ojii/Prince Style

If you want to Sell / Buy GOTH fashion please do not post here - rather go to our affiliate aus_goth_sales instead!

1a. Australian and New Zealanders are encouraged to join our community but we are also open to overseas members as we wish to do business with many of the talented sewers and artists from abroad! This community’s primary aim is to unify the small community of Loli in Australia and NZ so that we can start meets, tea parties and gatherings.

2. I encourage sharing of sewing tips, advice and tutorials and if a fashion question does arise do not hesitate to ask but to cut down on repetitive posts it is advised that you surf a few pages prior in the community to see if anyone’s asked that question already.

Sewing Tips
Pattern Translations
Bargain Spotting
And showing off your creations or new purchases is allowed!

3. If you wish to:

Buy / Sell / Trade any items
E.g. Ebay Auctions, requests for Commissions ECT

Please do so behind an LJ cut and always remember BUYER BEWARE!

[NOTE] remove the "--" things when you do use these tags!

<--lj-cut--> ________TEXT IMAGE TEXT________ <--/lj-cut-->

<--lj-cut text="Cut off here"--> ___________ TEXT IMAGE TEXT _________ <--/lj-cut-->

If you are posting in the update box in rich text mode there is a button that looks like this (line line line squigle) which brings up a prompt box where you simply put in the text you wish to appear as the LJ-Cut link into the box and the HTML tag will appear on your update box, a gray square will indicate where your cut starts and ends.

4. If you are posting images, weather it is your latest photos, original art or scans from books or magazines make sure that there is only ONE image in front of the cut that is around 250 x 400 pixels. After the cut you can post as may images as you wish.

I hope that seems reasonable to everyone here so please JOIN UP!

Your Truly



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