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Rorita cross stitch?

Yes, I cross stitch! As I am a re-enactor, I have to find things to pass the time away while sitting around looking pretty and foofy and cross stitching was the most appropriate thing for a lady  ^_^.

I came across the cross stitch pattern in a library book and decided that with a bit of modifying it would make a cut lolita cross stitch image ^_^

I've shortened teh dress and the bloomers, which were down to her knees and have also taken out a bit of the garden she is watering.

I decided to make this for my Pen-Pal Yu-Ting, because we had this joke about her playing the cello in a lolita outfit, which was the "Yellow Cello Dress" ^_^  now I'm obsessed with her getting yellow lolita stuff...
I also made two more one in pink and one in black for two of my best lolita friends, to suit their personalities, and I have a light blue one for myself because I have a lot of blue lolita items ^_^ (Mine actually looks better because I realized i could fit in a border LOL but no pictures of that one...its not finished yet :P)

(please forgive the dodgy focusing on this pic)

They are filled with smellys (Pot pouree...) and are really cute! Great for putting with your unmentionables and in your cupboard or sock drawers.

I just thought I would Share ^_^


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