Lolitas in Perth


I’m Ruise and am still pretty new to the lolita fashion but I’ve admired it for quite sometime now since I love the style!
Ive been wondering if there are any lolita meet ups or a community in Perth, Western Australia as I’d like to join the community and meet more people!! Please do comment or message if there are any!! (*^ω^*)

hi uwu

hi hi!! i've known about lolita for a while but only recently got into it. i'm 13 (i'm probably too young for this) and from melbourne. i hope we can be friends!! (also if you have any tips for starting out with lolita please tell me!! i don't want to be an ita ;-;)

Sweet Lolita

hey guys! Im completely new to lolita fashions but I have been researching all day and its definitely something i want to do! Im 14 and in performing arts and I love fashion and makeup so much! Im located in melbourne by the way. Could any of you give me any tips for starting out? Thankyou! xx <3